F1 Restaudisc

Themed after Formula 1 this multifaced entertainment club is distinctly unique in style.The dance floor is located on the topmost floor of F1 Restaudisc offering spectacular views of Formula One Race. Right at the entrance is the Bar lounge and to the left is wooden dance floor. The walls are graphically designed giving an ambience of F1 Race course,energizing the youth to come on the dance floor.

The DJ's booth is right in the corner, who takes the entertainment into the wee hours of the night. The ceiling is painted black with yellow dividers giving it a look of the F1 tracks. The menu has a wide selection of traditional, American classic , Chinese & Italian cuisine. The club offers spectacular entertainment ranging from Birthday bash, Kitty parties, New year bash, Valentine bash, Friendshipday special and Christmas party too

Special Feature

Light fixtures

. Scanner colours . Flasher strobe lights
. Scanner Images . Spider light
. Fog machine . Bubble machine

Sound System

. 1000 Watts RMS . 2 Yamaha / Peavey
. 1 Bassebin. . QSC amplifier
. Bherringers mixers . Cross over / compressors
. Limiters . Scratch pad

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